Functional Integration (R)

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Functional Integration (R)

60 mins / Members $122 / $175 Non-Members

One-on-one lessons that are taught Live. They can be set up on Zoom for a Virtual lesson or they can be done in person with me in New York City.  Functional integration lessons are all about tailoring something specific to help move you toward your personal comfort and life goals.

Course outline

At each session

  • we will discuss your goals
  • review any associated factors that may play a role in your current condition
  • work together in a way that is comfortable
  • discuss how the lesson can go with you

Who it's for

For any person of any age or ability...


Functional Freedom

  • Become ever more comfortable in your everyday life
  • Allow your self-image to grow
  • Develop strategies for remaining calm and centered
  • Learn to listen more accurately to the messages of your body

Choose your class date

Locate a session that works for your schedule...

Virtual Functional Integration

Hosted By: Anastasi Siotas
Start: April 16, 2021 @ 8:00 am
Start: America/New_York
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